Barriers to health care access in 13 Asian American communities

Sunmin Lee, Genevieve Martinez, Grace X. Ma, Chiehwen E. Hsu, E. Stephanie Robinson, Julie Bawa, Hee Soon Juon

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Objective: To obtain and discuss in-depth information on health care use in Asian Americans (AAs). Methods: Nineteen focus groups were conducted in 174 adults from 13 AA communities in Montgomery County, Maryland. MAX QDA software was used to analyze qualitative data. Results: Financial, physical, communication, and cultural attitudes were 4 major barriers to accessing health care. Underrepresented communities reported unique additional barriers, such as lack of screening opportunities and interpretation services due to lack of resources in the communities. Conclusions: Future studies, public health policy, and funding resources should consider including underrepresented AA subgroups and reflect their needs.

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期刊American Journal of Health Behavior
出版狀態Published - 2010

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