Based on environmental value to discuss the effect of product design attitude on purchase intention

Meng-Dar Shieh, Chien Nan Chen

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The overuse of global energy and resources as well as improper handling of environment result in worsening ecological environment and accelerating the exhaustion of resources on which humans rely for survival. Along with the enhancement of people’s environmental awareness, humans start to concern about the environment with various environmental protection activities. The regulations and requirements of international organizations and the government have green consumption become a trend. Domestic businesses also design various green products conforming to international environmental protection regulations to respond to consumers’ attitudes towards environmental value. Aiming at the public in northern, central, and southern Taiwan, as the research objects, total 500 copies of questionnaire are distributed and 373 valid copies are retrieved, with the retrieval rate 75%. The research results show significantly positive effects of 1.environmental value on product design attitude, 2.product design attitude on purchase intention, and 3.environmental value on purchase intention. According to the results, suggestions are proposed, expecting to do the best for the natural environment and promote green consumption to become the national movement.

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出版狀態Published - 2018 1月 1

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  • 生態學、進化論、行為學與系統學
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  • 自然與景觀保護


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