Bio-impedance method to monitor colon motility response to direct distal colon stimulation in anesthetized pigs

Yushan Wang, Po Min Wang, Muriel Larauche, Million Mulugeta, Wentai Liu

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Electrical stimulation has been demonstrated as an alternative approach to alleviate intractable colonic motor disorders, whose effectiveness can be evaluated through colonic motility assessment. Various methods have been proposed to monitor the colonic motility and while each has contributed towards better understanding of colon motility, a significant limitation has been the spatial and temporal low-resolution colon motility data acquisition and analysis. This paper presents the study of employing bio-impedance characterization to monitor colonic motor activity. Direct distal colon stimulation was undertaken in anesthetized pigs to validate the bio-impedance scheme simultaneous with luminal manometry monitoring. The results indicated that the significant decreases of bio-impedance corresponded to strong colonic contraction in response to the electrical stimulation in the distal colon. The magnitude/power of the dominant frequencies of phasic colonic contractions identified at baseline (in the range 2–3 cycles per minute (cpm)) were increased after the stimulation. In addition, positive correlations have been found between bio-impedance and manometry. The proposed bio-impedance-based method can be a viable candidate for monitoring colonic motor pattern with high spatial and temporal resolution. The presented technique can be integrated into a closed-loop therapeutic device in order to optimize its stimulation protocol in real-time.

期刊Scientific reports
出版狀態Published - 2022 12月

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