Biocorrosion study of titanium-nickel alloys

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The present study provides results of the corrosion behaviour in Hank's physiological solution and some other properties of three Ti-Ni alloys with 18, 25 and 28.4 wt% Ni, respectively. Results indicate that α-titanium and Ti2Ni were the two major phases in all three Ti-Ni alloys. The relative amount of the Ti2Ni phase increased with additional Ni content. Hardness of the Ti-Ni alloys also increased with added nickel content, ranging from 310 to 390 VHN, similar to the hardness of enamel. Melting temperatures of the Ti-Ni alloys were all lower than that of pure titanium by least 600°C. The three Ti-Ni alloys behaved almost identically when potentiodynamically polarized in Hank's solution at 37°C. The critical anodic current densities of the alloys were nearly 30 μA/cm23 and the breakdown potentials were all above 1100 mV (SCE).

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