Biodiesel from microalgae

Chung Hong Tan, Dillirani Nagarajan, Pau Loke Show, Jo Shu Chang

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The solution to solving both the global energy crisis and global warming is the development and promotion of renewable and sustainable biofuels. Creating biofuels from food crops, energy crops, and lignocellulosic biomass have their own disadvantages. To counter these drawbacks, microalgal biofuels were introduced and microalgal biodiesel was found to be a promising alternative for petro-diesel. However, every new technology comes with their downsides and microalgal biodiesel is no different. Numerous researches and studies are being performed globally in hopes of overcoming the huge technological hurdles facing the commercialization of microalgal biodiesel. In this chapter, we will review and discuss the barriers as well as recent advances in microalgae-based biodiesel.

主出版物標題Biomass, Biofuels, Biochemicals
主出版物子標題Biofuels: Alternative Feedstocks and Conversion Processes for the Production of Liquid and Gaseous Biofuels
出版狀態Published - 2019 一月 1

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