Biohydrogen in a circular bioeconomy: A critical review

Aristotle Tulagan Ubando, Wei Hsin Chen, Dennis A. Hurt, Ariel Conversion, Saravanan Rajendran, Sheng-Lun Lin

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Hydrogen produced from biomass feedstocks is considered an effective solution in moving toward a decarbonized economy. Biohydrogen is a clean energy source that has gained global attention for adoption as it promises to mitigate climate change and human environmental damage. Through the circular economy framework, sustainable biohydrogen production with other bioproducts while addressing issues such as waste management is possible. This study presents a comprehensive review of the various biomass feedstocks and processing technologies associated with biohydrogen generation, as well as the possible integration of existing industries into a circular bioeconomy framework. The currently standing challenges and future perspectives are also discussed.

期刊Bioresource technology
出版狀態Published - 2022 12月

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  • 生物工程
  • 環境工程
  • 可再生能源、永續發展與環境
  • 廢物管理和處置


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