Bioinformatics Analyses Identify the Therapeutic Potential of ST8SIA6 for Colon Cancer

Chou Yuan Ko, Tian Huei Chu, Ching Cheng Hsu, Hsin Pao Chen, Shih Chung Huang, Chen Lin Chang, Shiow Jyu Tzou, Tung Yuan Chen, Chia Chen Lin, Pei Chun Shih, Chung Hsien Lin, Chuan Fa Chang, Yung Kuo Lee

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Sialylation of glycoproteins is modified by distinct sialyltransferases such as ST3Gal, ST6Gal, ST6GalNAc, or ST8SIA with α2,3-, α2,6-, or α2,8-linkages. Alteration of these sialyltrans-ferases causing aberrant sialylation is associated with the progression of colon cancer. However, among the ST8- sialyltransferases, the role of ST8SIA6 in colon cancer remains poorly understood. In this study, we explored the involvement of ST8SIA6 in colon cancer using multiple gene data-bases. The relationship between ST8SIA6 expression and tumor stages/grades was investigated by UALCAN analysis, and Kaplan–Meier Plotter analysis was used to analyze the expression of ST8SIA6 on the survival outcome of colon cancer patients. Moreover, the biological functions of ST8SIA6 in colon cancer were explored using LinkedOmics and cancer cell metabolism gene DB. Finally, TIMER and TISMO analyses were used to delineate ST8SIA6 levels in tumor immunity and immunotherapy responses, respectively. ST8SIA6 downregulation was associated with an advanced stage and poorly differentiated grade; however, ST8SIA6 expression did not affect the survival outcomes in patients with colon cancer. Gene ontology analysis suggested that ST8SIA6 par-ticipates in cell surface adhesion, angiogenesis, and membrane vesicle trafficking. In addition, ST8SIA6 levels affected immunocyte infiltration and immunotherapy responses in colon cancer. Collectively, these results suggest that ST8SIA6 may serve as a novel therapeutic target towards personalized medicine for colon cancer.

期刊Journal of Personalized Medicine
出版狀態Published - 2022 3月

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