Bioprospecting photosynthetic microorganisms for the removal of endocrine disruptor compounds

Birgitta Narindri Rara Winayu, Feng Jen Chu, Christoper Caesar Yudho Sutopo, Hsin Chu

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Endocrine disruption compounds can be found in various daily products, like pesticides, along with cosmetic and pharmaceutical commodities. Moreover, occurrence of EDCs in the wastewater alarms the urgency for their removal before discharge owing to the harmful effect for the environment and human health. Compared to implementation of physical and chemical strategies, cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms has been acknowledged for their high efficiency and eco-friendly process in EDCs removal along with accumulation of valuable byproducts. During the process, photosynthetic microorganisms remove EDCs via photodegradation, bio-adsorption, -accumulation, and -degradation. Regarding their high tolerance in extreme environment, photosynthetic microorganisms have high feasibility for implementation in wastewater treatment plant. However, several considerations are critical for their scaling up process. This review discussed the potency of EDCs removal by photosynthetic microorganisms and focused on the efficiency, mechanism, challenge, along with the prospect. Details on the mechanism’s pathway, accumulation of valuable byproducts, and recent progress in scaling up and application in real wastewater were also projected in this review.

期刊World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology
出版狀態Published - 2024 4月

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