Blockchain-Based Intelligent Charging Station Management System Platform

Yu Jin Lin, Yu Cheng Chen, Jun Yi Zheng, Dan Wei Shao, Dan Chu, Hong Tzer Yang

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A smart electric vehicle (EV) charging station energy management system (CSMS) based on blockchain technology, which aims to protect privacy of EV users, ensure fairness of power transactions, and meet charging demands for large numbers of EVs, is proposed in this study. EV charging pile is designed as a local blockchain distributed ledger node, which operates synchronously with blockchain system and blockchain distributed ledger in cloud server. This paper integrates CSMS through smart contracts, providing EV users that ability to conduct power transactions and perform optimal charging and discharging control in real-time. The distributed ledger is in charge of recording all the EV charging and discharging data to maintain fairness of power transactions, protects data from being maliciously tampered, and enables the EV user to monitor status of the EV participating in power transactions and dispatching. The intelligent CSMS consists of an artificial intelligence (AI) module, centralized optimal scheduling module, and decentralized optimal control module. The AI module is responsible for forecasting renewable energy generation and load consumption. There is a two-layer architecture consisting of centralized and decentralized optimal control modules; the upper layer performs optimal charging and discharging scheduling of the entire EV charging station at time 15-min time segments, the bottom layer performs distributed optimal scheduling control in each EV charging pile at 5 min time interval. Proposed system in this paper can deal with feeder congestion and real-time power supply and grid demand imbalance, which are caused by high numbers of EVs.

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期刊IEEE Access
出版狀態Published - 2022

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