Blockchain Power Trading and Energy Management Platform

Yu Jin Lin, Yu Cheng Chen, Jun Yi Zheng, Dan Chu, Dan Wei Shao, Hong Tzer Yang

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In this study, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and blockchain technology were combined to develop a vehicle-to-everything blockchain power trading and energy management platform with the objective of enabling multi-level power transactions for electric vehicle charging stations in or between commercial buildings. The proposed platform considers green power transactions across microgrids, bidirectional power and green power charging and discharging transactions in microgrids, demand response bidding, and vehicle-to-vehicle emergency rescue charging. This innovative architecture operates smart contracts and distributed ledgers independently; uses smart contracts to handle bidding, matching, and settlement of the power trading platform; and simultaneously employs the cloud and local distributed ledger nodes to chain the detailed real-time transaction information and power data on the ledger. In this manner, the security and fairness of data can be ensured; furthermore, a large amount of chaining information can be processed, and the chaining latency can be shortened. In addition, the communication protocols are integrated through the artificial intelligence of things. An energy management system (EMS) is proposed, which can perform optimal charging and discharging scheduling according to the power transaction matching results and then control charging piles and energy storage system devices. It can reduce the operating cost of microgrids in commercial buildings, increase the efficiency of green power utilization, and reduce power loss. In this system, power transactions are automatically and simultaneously executed in the EMS to achieve real-time supply and demand balance of regional microgrids.

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期刊IEEE Access
出版狀態Published - 2022

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