Breast tumor angiogenesis analysis using 3-D power Doppler ultrasound

Ruey Feng Chang, Sheng-Fang Huang, Yu Hau Lee, Dar Ren Chen, Woo Kyung Moon

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Angiogenesis is the process that correlates to tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis. Breast cancer angiogenesis has been the most extensively studied and now serves as a paradigm for understanding the biology of angiogenesis and its effects on tumor outcome and patient prognosis. Most studies on characterization of angiogenesis focus on pixel/voxel counts more than morphological analysis. Nevertheless, in cancer, the blood flow is greatly affected by the morphological changes, such as the number of vessels, branching pattern, length, and diameter. This paper presents a computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) system that can quantify vascular morphology using 3-D power Doppler ultrasound (US) on breast tumors. We propose a scheme to extract the morphological information from angiography and to relate them to tumor diagnosis outcome. At first, a 3-D thinning algorithm helps narrow down the vessels into their skeletons. The measurements of vascular morphology significantly rely on the traversing of the vascular trees produced from skeletons. Our study of 3-D assessment of vascular morphological features regards vessel count, length, bifurcation, and diameter of vessels. Investigations into 221 solid breast tumors including 110 benign and 111 malignant cases, the p values using the Student's t-test for all features are less than 0.05 indicating that the proposed features are deemed statistically significant. Our scheme focuses on the vascular architecture without involving the technique of tumor segmentation. The results show that the proposed method is feasible, and have a good agreement with the diagnosis of the pathologists.

主出版物標題Medical Imaging 2006
主出版物子標題Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing
出版狀態Published - 2006 六月 30
事件Medical Imaging 2006: Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing - San Diego, CA, United States
持續時間: 2006 二月 122006 二月 16


名字Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging - Proceedings of SPIE


ConferenceMedical Imaging 2006: Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing
國家United States
城市San Diego, CA

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