Bring QoS to P2P-based semantic service discovery for the Universal Network

Ying Zhang, Houkuan Huang, Dong Yang, Hongke Zhang, Han Chieh Chao, Yueh Min Huang

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Services in the next generation Internet, Universal Network, is distinct from that in the current network. The reason is that the former has QoS (quality of sevice) grading. In the universal network, different services have different QoS; therefore, service discovery in the Universal Network is quite distinct from that of the present network. In this paper, we put QoS measurement into service discovery so as to adapt to Universal Network. A lot of research works adopt semantic web technology, OWL-S (web ontology language for services), which is innovative for service discovery. For the purpose of service discovery in Universal Network, we append QoS descriptions to OWL-S. Such OWL-S with QoS information is called OWL-QoS, which is the groundwork for service discovery in the Universal Network. Secondly, we present a matching algorithm that allows matching on the basis of capabilities and QoS descriptions of services. Moreover, we also adopt P2P as an infrastructure to fulfill the service discovery because of the large amount of services in the network.

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期刊Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
出版狀態Published - 2009

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