Broadband decoupling of intensity and polarization with vectorial Fourier metasurfaces

Qinghua Song, Arthur Baroni, Pin Chieh Wu, Sébastien Chenot, Virginie Brandli, Stéphane Vézian, Benjamin Damilano, Philippe de Mierry, Samira Khadir, Patrick Ferrand, Patrice Genevet

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Intensity and polarization are two fundamental components of light. Independent control of them is of tremendous interest in many applications. In this paper, we propose a general vectorial encryption method, which enables arbitrary far-field light distribution with the local polarization, including orientations and ellipticities, decoupling intensity from polarization across a broad bandwidth using geometric phase metasurfaces. By revamping the well-known iterative Fourier transform algorithm, we propose “à la carte” design of far-field intensity and polarization distribution with vectorial Fourier metasurfaces. A series of non-conventional vectorial field distribution, mimicking cylindrical vector beams in the sense that they share the same intensity profile but with different polarization distribution and a speckled phase distribution, is demonstrated. Vectorial Fourier optical metasurfaces may enable important applications in the area of complex light beam generation, secure optical data storage, steganography and optical communications.

期刊Nature communications
出版狀態Published - 2021 十二月

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