Building a Novel Web Service Framework-Through a Case Study of Bioinformatics

Hei-Chia Wang, Wei Chun Chang, Ching seh Wu

研究成果: Chapter


A service-oriented framework aimed to compose the requested Web services automatically is proposed and described. The concept of service-oriented architecture is regarded as an open standard of utilizing distributed software components. The main characteristics of the architecture include better interaction, distribution, and easy communication. The communication platform among the components is via the Internet. The flexibility of choosing the most suitable software components in order to satisfy various kinds of service requests over the Internet is the main characteristic of the architecture. The key issue of the service concept is that available Web service components can be provided by different providers. The composition process is then to target the most suitable ones according to users' criteria. Another issue regarding the transformation from users' request (recorded as a workflow) into XML-based (eXtensible Markup Language) format for the process of composition is an ongoing study field. To search for the most suitable Web service components depends on the criteria set by the users. Quality of service can help to allocate these targeting service components. To propose a solution framework, we deal with the issues aforementioned. To illustrate the infeasible design of our framework, a biological field case study was applied and the results were presented and discussed.

主出版物標題Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services
編輯Tsihrintzis George, Virvou Maria, Jain Lakhmi, Howlett Robert James
出版狀態Published - 2010 十二月 1


名字Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies

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  • 決策科學 (全部)
  • 電腦科學(全部)


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