Capacity degradation method for piles under cyclic axial loads

M. Achmus, Y. S. Kuo, K. Abdel-Rahman, Y. H. Tseng, I. Pang

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Piles used for jacket type foundation of offshore wind turbine are subjected to highly cyclic tension and compressive loading. The pile capacity under cyclic tension loading decreases with increased number of loading cycles due to reduction of the pile shaft resistance. A numerical simulation scheme is presented, which allows the calculation of the pile capacity degradation (CDM) due to cyclic loading for driven steel piles. The volume compaction of soil near the pile surface during the cyclic loading is determined from the cyclic simple shear test results and then applied to the pile-soil system. From the limited number of tests available, interaction diagrams have been developed, which give the number of load cycles leading to failure dependent on the mean load and the amplitude of the cyclic load portion, which are both related to the static pile capacity. However, such diagrams cannot account for different soil conditions or pile geometry and pile stiffness. The calculation results for different piles in sandy soil under cyclic axial loading are presented and compared with existing interaction diagrams. Finally, recommendations regarding further investigations and improvements of the method are given.

期刊Computers and Geotechnics
出版狀態Published - 2020 12月

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