Case management: A concept analysis

Chien Tai Yu, Ming Chu Feng, Nai Ying Ko

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While the case management approach has been increasingly applied to healthcare worldwide in recent years, significant differences in application exist among discrete medical systems. This paper applies a methodology outlined by Walker and Avant to analyze the case management concept. This methodology is designed to assist medical staff to understand a concept in order to better achieve concept goals. The case management approach works to leverage organizational strategies to resolve case-specific circumstances and issues in order to accomplish organizational goals. Defining attributes of case management include: (1) highly complex cases; (2) the use of multidisciplinary professional teams to resolve case problems in the most cost-effective manner; (3) the use of case managers to manage the effective integration and operation of the multidisciplinary team; and (4) helping cases improve and make effective use of medical system resources.

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期刊Journal of Nursing
出版狀態Published - 2013 八月

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