Catalysis and characterization of a rugged lead ruthenate pyrochlore membrane catalyst

Jyh Harng Ke, Annamalai Senthil Kumar, Jun Wei Sue, Shanmuganathan Venkatesan, Jyh Myng Zen

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A rugged lead ruthenate pyrochlore (Py, Pb2Ru2O 6O′) Nafion® 417 membrane catalyst (|NPy|) has been prepared by an in situ precipitation method and characterized by physico-chemical techniques. The Nafion® 417 membrane enhanced the Py crystallization to form a stable and continuous agglomerate-like structure in the |NPy| network. The cationic exchange characteristics of Nafion® 417 membrane was not fully suppressed after Py modification. Catalytic performance was demonstrated for the one pot and selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde via a perruthenate (RuO4-) intermediate with 30% H2O2 (as a sacrificial co-oxidant) in a triphasic condition (i.e. CH 2Cl2/NPy/H2O2). Four repeated experiments with the |NPy| entailed a weight loss of ∼0.07% with virtually the same catalytic performance. With these inherent features, this membrane catalyst is useful in diverse research fields including organic synthesis, fuel cells, charge storage systems, etc.

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期刊Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical
出版狀態Published - 2005 五月 24

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