Cathodoluminescence of a white ZnGa2O4/ZnO phosphor screen

Su Hua Yang, Ting Jen Hsueh, Shoou Jinn Chang

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This paper investigates the cathodoluminescence of a white ZnGa 2O4/ZnO/ITO/glass phosphor screen. The effect of a ZnO buffer layer and annealing temperature on the luminescence property of a phosphor screen are discussed as well. The films were prepared by the radio frequency magnetron sputtering with optimal deposition parameters. The preferred growth plane for the ZnO buffer layer was found to be (002). The ZnGa 2O4 phosphor layer, when deposited on top of ZnO, was amorphous even when it was annealed at 250°C. However, when the annealing temperature was above 300°C, the ZnGa2O4 was polycrystalline, and an apparent cathodoluminescence of the ZnGa 2O4/ZnO phosphor screen was observed. The ligand field and electron transition probability in the Ga d orbit were altered because of the lattice mismatch between the ZnGa2O4 and ZnO films and the thermal treatment. The lowest resistivity and optimal luminescence of a white ZnGa2O4/ZnO/ITO/glass phosphor screen was obtained by annealing at 400°C.

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期刊Journal of the Electrochemical Society
出版狀態Published - 2005

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