Characterization of biomass waste torrefaction under conventional and microwave heating

Shih Hsin Ho, Congyu Zhang, Wei Hsin Chen, Ying Shen, Jo Shu Chang

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To evaluate the potential of microwave heating for biomass torrefaction, the torrefaction performances and energy utilization of coffee grounds and microalga residue, under conventional and microwave heating were investigated and compared with each other. For the two biomass samples, the dehydrogenation of the coffee grounds was more sensitive to torrefaction severity, whereas the microalga residue consumed more energy under the same torrefaction conditions. Microwave heating under lower torrefaction severity had a higher energy efficiency. As regard to the lower solid yields or higher torrefaction severity, the energy efficiency of microwave heating was close to that of conventional heating, irrespective of the feedstocks. This revealed the comparable energy consumption state between the two heating modes. Accordingly, it is concluded that microwave torrefaction is more efficient for biomass upgrading and densification than conventional torrefaction.

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期刊Bioresource technology
出版狀態Published - 2018 9月

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