Characterization of Perina nuda nucleopolyhedrovirus (PenuNPV) polyhedrin gene

Chih Ming Chou, Chang Jen Huang, Chu Fang Lo, Guang Hsung Kou, Chung Hsiung Wang

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The Perina nuda nucleopolyhedrovirus (PenuNPV) polyhedrin gene was located in EcoRI-G (6.3 kilobase pairs; kbp) and PstI-G (4.3 kbp) fragments of its genomic DNA. A portion of 1333 nucleotides (nt) containing this gene was sequenced. An open reading frame of 735 nt encoded a 245-amino-acid-long polyhedrin. A conserved TAAG motif which is associated with transcriptional start sites was identified 51 nt upstream of the translation initiation codon of PenuNPV polyhedrin gene. A putative polyadenylation signal, AATAAA, was found 116 nt downstream of the termination codon (TAA). Comparison of the amino acid sequences of PenuNPV polyhedrin with those of other NPVs showed that PenuNPV poyhedrin was most closely related to Orgyia pseudotsugata multiple NPV (OpMNPV) polyhedrin.

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期刊Journal of Invertebrate Pathology
出版狀態Published - 1996 五月

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