Characterization of the near full-length genome of a novel HIV-1 CRF01-AE/CRF07-BC recombinant in an injection drug user from Southern Taiwan

Nan Yao Lee, Jui Ching Wang, Yi Ching Lin, Chi Jung Wu, Chia Wen Li, Ming Chi Li, Shainn Wei Wang, Fan Chen Tseng, Wen Chien Ko

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HIV-1 CRF07-BC became prevalent in Taiwan after the epidemic among injection drug users (IDUs). We describe a unique recombinant form (URF) consisting of CRF01-AE and CRF07-BC (named URF-0107-H8) genes detected from an IDU. The 8.8 kb near full-length genome of URF-0107-H8 had a CRF01-AE backbone with two CRF07-BC fragments in the reverse transcriptase and integrase region [RT-Int; HXB2 nucleotide (nt) positions 2942-4709] and within the envelop (nt 8467-8722) gene. Phylogenetic analyses revealed that its 1.8 kb RT-Int sequence clustered with those of CRF07-BC strains from Taiwan, while sequences of CRF01-AE portions were more similar to those of Central African origin than contemporaneous CRF01-AE isolates in Taiwan or prevalent in East or Southeast Asia. Recombination breakpoints and phylogenetic relationships of URF-0107-H8 were different from those of CRF01-AE/CRF07-BC URFs previously reported from China. This highlighted the importance of continual monitoring of genetic evolution of HIV strains and the emergence of new recombinants.

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期刊AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
出版狀態Published - 2016 六月


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