Charged-Higgs on RD(∗) , τ polarization, and FBA

Chuan Hung Chen, Takaaki Nomura

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We study the influence of a charged-Higgs on the excess of branching fraction ratio, RM= BR(B¯ → M τ) / BR(B¯ → M ) (M= D, D) , in a generic two-Higgs-doublet model. In order to investigate the lepton polarization, the detailed decay amplitudes with lepton helicity are given. When the charged-Higgs is used to resolve excesses, it is found that two independent Yukawa couplings are needed to explain the RD and RD∗ anomalies. We show that when the upper limit of BR(Bcτ) < 30 % is included, RD can be significantly enhanced while RD∗<0.27. With the BR(Bcτ) constraint, we find that the τ-lepton polarizations can be still affected by the charged-Higgs effects, where the standard model (SM) predictions are obtained: PDτ≈0.324 and PD-0.500, and they can be enhanced to be PDτ≈0.5 and PD-0.41 by the charged-Higgs. The integrated lepton forward–backward asymmetry (FBA) is also studied, where the SM result is A¯FBD(∗),τ≈-0.359(0.064), and they can be enhanced (decreased) to be A¯FBD(∗),τ≈-0.33(0.02).

期刊European Physical Journal C
出版狀態Published - 2017 九月 1

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