Children HIV disclosure: Should the children know their HIV status prior treatment and what are the information have to be told?

Krisna Yetti, Linlin Lindayani, Mei Chih Huang

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Informing children about their HIV status is a complex challenge and the most difficult part for parents and health care providers. As more children with HIV reaching adolescence and adulthood, they begin to take part in the management of their health care and potentially initiate HIV-risk behaviours. Thus, it is increasing attention to address the concrete disclosure process. There is no clear direction regarding the disclosure process, particularly when the children starting to take HIV medication and what is the information has to be told, children. This paper was presented as an example case scenario, according to the real experiences. This case reflects an ethical dilemma faced by parents and health care providers to deal with issues related children HIV disclosure especially when the appropriate time to disclose regarding initiation of HIV treatment and the content of information have to be told to children. Parent and health care providers often lay informing the children about the medication required to take every day. In reality, they inform the children that this medicine is for fever or malaria, etc. it will have a significant impact on adherence to medication and further success of HIV treatment. The reason for making such lied information due to fear that disclosure may distress the child. Therefore, policymakers need to have consensus regardless of whether or not to disclose HIV status to children before the treatment and develop a local guideline that can accommodate specific cultural issues. There is potential to state law that more uniform for public health prevention and successful HIV treatment. Future studies can explore the most effective approach for children HIV disclosure to minimalize potential harm to children.

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期刊Clinical Ethics
出版狀態Published - 2020 九月 1

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