Chromium speciation in mildly heated Cr(VI)-doped latosol soil

Yu Ling Wei, Hui Fang Hsieh, Yen Shiun Peng, Kai Wen Chen, Chang Yuan Lin, H. Paul Wang

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Cr(VI) chemical reduction in natural organic matter (NOM)-bearing latosol soil was investigated under various heating conditions at≤378 K. An enhanced Cr(VI) reduction rate has been observed for the reaction at 353-378 K. The effect of Fe(II) naturally occurring in the latosol soil on Cr(VI) chemical reduction is negligible compared with the effect of NOM. Cr(OH)3 was quantitatively specified by X-ray absorption spectroscopy to be the key chromium species (∼80%) after ∼90% of Cr(VI) was chemically reduced by NOM at 353-378 K. This study indicates a potential strategy for using the heat extracted from industrial flue gas with a heat exchanger to chemically reduce Cr(VI) in NOM-bearing or organics-amended soils that contain Cr(VI).

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期刊Journal of Synchrotron Radiation
出版狀態Published - 2010 3月 1

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