Cityscape protection using VR and eye tracking technology

Le Min Zhang, Ruo Xi Zhang, Tay Sheng Jeng, Zi Yuan Zeng

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The traditional method for reconstructing cityscape relies greatly on the subjective judgment of designers, which makes the cityscape simple and homogenized. This paper aims to propose a new integrated approach to protect and design cityscape based on virtual reality (VR) and eye tracking technology. Through the integration and quantification of the eye tracking data and the protocol analysis data in the VR environment, this research has revealed the mechanism of identifying the cityscape features, and discovered the differences in the perception of the cityscape features by different people, thus proposing the multi-cultural integrated strategy for protecting cityscape. This research is of great significance for building a human-oriented scientific planning and protection method and promoting the application of cutting-edge digital technology in the field of smart city governance.

期刊Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation
出版狀態Published - 2019 10月

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  • 訊號處理
  • 媒體技術
  • 電腦視覺和模式識別
  • 電氣與電子工程


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