Clinico-pathological features of intussusception in children beyond five years old

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Background: The pathoetiology and outcomes of intussusception in older children are different from those in young children. This study aims to investigate the characteristics and outcomes of intussusception in children older than 5 years in a tertiary referring hospital. Methods: A retrospective review of patients aged older than five years having received a postoperative or roentgenographic diagnosis of intussusception between 1988 and 2005 was conducted. The clinical presentations, diagnostic and treatment methods, and outcomes of all cases were reviewed. Results: A total of 12 cases were recorded. They were eight males and four females, with a median age of 7.6 years (range 5.0-11.1 years). Four (33.3%) children had symptoms lasting more than one week before a prompt diagnosis was made. The most commonly encountered symptom was abdominal pain (100%), followed by nausea/vomiting (75.0%). Recurrent intussusception occurred in 33% of cases. Abdominal sonogram identified intussusceptum in all patients when this procedure was performed. Six patients were treated operatively. Lead lesions including two malignant lymphomas, one Meckel diverticulum, and one colon polyp were found in 4 cases. Three of the four lead points were diagnosed and treated by colonoscopy preoperatively. Complications after operations were adhesive ileus (33.3%) and recurrent intussusception (16.7%). All patients remained well, including those who had lead points identified after prompt treatments. Conclusions: Intussusception in older children presents a higher frequency of persistent symptoms, lead points, and recurrence. Pediatricians need to be aware of the etiology and treatment options for intussusception in older children.

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