Coding design expert system for automatic assembly

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This paper presents a coding design expert system, CDES, which generates codes to be used in automated assembly processes. The system uses the example-based approach and an inductive classification procedure to calculate optimal decision rules and solve problems in a manner similar to the decision making that a human expert will use. Sophisticated coding structures are broken into modules, which are forward and backward chained together to fit various design needs in automation. The system allows the user to interface with operating system, graphics, worksheet database, hardware and software through user definable query session in user's own language. Apart from the provision of process code solutions, the system also offers explanations of the current resulting reasons and provides expert advices for design modification. The paper concludes with one practical design example for 2-digit UMASS coding system, and a detailed discussion of several design issues associated with the type of coding expert systems.

出版狀態Published - 1988 十二月 1
事件Computers in Engineering 1988 - Proceedings - San Francisco, CA, USA
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OtherComputers in Engineering 1988 - Proceedings
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