Community integrated support centers: The experience of Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan

Pei Lun Hsieh, Shih Han Wang, Ching Min Chen, Junko Wake, Chien Chia Yeh

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The proportion of elderly in Taiwan reached 11.99% of the population in 2014. Further, Taiwan is expected to become a super-aged society, as defined by the United Nations, in 2025. Elderly and long-term care needs have increased dramatically and long-term care (LTC) has become an increasingly important focus of policymaking. Japan, already a super-aged society, enacted LTC insurance in 2000 and has since implemented comprehensive LTC services nationwide. This article describes the evolution of the LTC insurance plan in Japan and the function of the Community Inclusive Care System. The latter integrates medical care, homecare services, LTC services, living support, and Community Integrated Support Centers with public-health nurses, social workers, and care managers in order to facilitate the construction of services that enhance aging in place. The authors hope that learning from Japan's experience in developing LTC will facilitate the future development of LTC services in Taiwan.

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期刊Journal of Nursing
出版狀態Published - 2016 10月 1

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