Compact Scintillator Array Detector (ComSAD) for Sounding Rocket and CubeSat Missions

Pu Kai Wang, Chih Yun Chen, Hsiang Chieh Hsu, Mu Hsin Chang, Wei Tai Liu, Hui Kuan Fang, Ting Chou Wu, Wen Hao Chen, Chin Cheng Tsai, Alfred Bing Chih Chen, Yi Yang

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The development of CubeSats and more frequent launch chances of sounding rockets are a total game changer to the space program, and it allows us to build space instruments that are technologically feasible and affordable. Therefore, it gives us a good opportunity to build a small cosmic-ray detector which has capabilities to measure the flux, direction, and even energy of cosmic rays at an altitude above the limitation of balloon experiments, and it may open a new door for building a constellation of detectors to study cosmic-ray physics. Compact Scintillator Array Detector (ComSAD) is a funded sounding rocket mission of Taiwan's National Space Organization. In this paper, we present the concept, design, and performance of ComSAD which is also suitable for future CubeSat missions.

期刊Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation
出版狀態Published - 2022 6月 1

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  • 儀器
  • 天文和天體物理學


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