Comparing proteomics of NCoV 19 and MERS Corona Virus

Amit Kumar, Ajit Kumar Saxena, Gwo Giun (Chris) Lee, Amita Kashyap, G. Jyothsna

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In order to develop any diagnostic or therapeutic protocol for COVID19 it is necessary to study the genome and proteome of the NCoV and annotate the proteins to identify its phylogeny and evolutionary relation with the other known organisms. The SARS NCoV and MERS Corona Virus belong to the Corona group of viruses and both are known to cause Respiratory illness. There is a very close similarity in the disease manifestation and mode of transmission in MERS and COVID forming basis for the comparison between the two organisms. Hence the proteins of novel Corona virus are compared with those of MERS Corona Virus (Fig. 3.1).

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