Comparing Taiwanese women's biopsychosocial features by location of postpartum recovery

Chich Hsiu Hung, Joel Stocker, Hsin Tien Hsu

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Background: In Taiwan, a culturally sanctioned ritual of maternal rest and recuperation has been traditionally practiced patrilocally during the first postpartum month. However, in recent years, the places where women may observe the ritual have become more diverse. Aim: Our goal was to compare women's psychosocial features based on where they stayed during their postpartum recovery. Methods: Using proportional stratified quota sampling of 18 hospitals and clinics in Taiwan by birth rate, we recruited 784 postpartum women. Results: Women stayed in their own home (17.1%), with their parents-in-law (33.3%), with their parents (36.0%), or in a postpartum nursing center (13.6%). Women who stayed in their own residence or who stayed in their parents' residence perceived greater social support than women who stayed with their parents-in-law. Conclusions: Further research should compare women's adjustment to motherhood and their competence in childcare based on where they stay during postpartum recovery.

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期刊Applied Nursing Research
出版狀態Published - 2014 5月

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