Comparison of higher resolution Euler schemes for aeroacoustic computations

San Yih Lin, Yan Shin Chin

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Modified finite volume methods of Osher and Chakravarthy (MOC) and Sanders and Li (MSL) and a finite element method of Lin and Chin are investigated on several aeroacoustic problems. Higher order accuracy is obtained with the monotonic upwind-centered scheme for conservation laws approach. The tested problems include oblique shock reflection, linear wave convection, monopole radiation, vortex preservation, and blade-vortex interaction. Based on the order of accuracy, stability, grid nonuniformity, and dissipation property of each scheme, it is concluded that the MOC scheme is the most suitable scheme among the schemes tested for aeroacoustic computations. We also conclude that the MSL scheme needs to be improved on problems of convergence and small wiggles before it is used in computational aeroacoustics. In the blade-vortex interaction problem, two sound waves, transonic and compressibility waves, found in recent experiments are simulated.

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期刊AIAA journal
出版狀態Published - 1995 2月

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