Compensator design for corrector magnet power supply of TPS facility

Y. S. Wong, J. F. Chen, K. B. Liu, C. Y. Liu, B. S. Wang

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From 2012 to 2015, Taiwan government has a most important technology project is Taiwan Photon Source (TPS), the total budget of TPS fund to over US300 million. It set up a synchrotron storage ring (electron energy of 3.3 GeV, circumference of 518 m, and low emittance) that provides one of the world’s brightest synchrotron sources of x-rays. This study presents a compensator design for corrector magnet power supply to avoid limitations in stabilizing the frequency when the machine output current load is valid. A lead-lag compensator had been built in a full-bridge converter to improve the system bandwidth. Lead-lag compensators influence various disciplines, such as robotics, satellite control, automobile diagnostics, and laser frequency stabilization. These components are important building blocks in analog control systems and can also be used in digital control. A 50V output voltage and 10A output current prototype converter is fabricated in the laboratory. From the experimental results, the effectiveness of the control loop design can be verified from the gain margin and phase margin.

期刊Journal of Instrumentation
出版狀態Published - 2017

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