Computer-aided feature-based design for net shape manufacturing

Yuh Min Chen, Ching Ling Wei

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Contemporary computer-based design tools are not suitable for concurrent engineering oriented product design due to (a) their particular and stand-alone functionality, (b) the lack of a capability to support interactive decision-making, and (c) the heavy involvement of designer expertise and experience. This paper presents a feature-based design for a manufacturing framework which is able to support the practice of concurrent engineering by providing functions designed specifically for net shape product design and on-line design guidance. Knowledge-based and object-oriented modeling technologies are employed to develop design evaluation facilities. An object-oriented product model, embedded with product design and process knowledge, is constructed and used for design evaluation. Geometric reasoning is performed on features, feature interactions, and overall shape to identify areas that may conflict with design principles. This paper concentrates on design for net shape manufacturing with an emphasis on die casting and injection molding processes. However, the proposed framework is general enough for other net shape processes by customizing process specific features and encoding process design rules.

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期刊Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
出版狀態Published - 1997

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