Computer Program with Matlab

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This book is concerned with the computer program using matlab language to code the analytical solutions and boundary element methods formulated by Stroh formalism. To achieve this goal, the program structures detailing the computational procedure as well as the nomenclature of control parameters, global variables, input, and output are described in Sect. 3.1. The entire computer program named as AEPH (Anisotropic Elastic Plates—Hwu) is performed by the main program together with several functions to carry out each different task. Section 3.2 briefly describes the main program and the tasks of some functions. The functions for the input of material properties, the calculation of material eigenvalues and eigenvectors, the calculation of analytical solutions, the double check, and the output are described in Sects. 3.3 to 3.7. The details of the computer codes of main program and all functions created in AEPH are collected and presented in Appendix F, which are listed according to the alphabetic order of function name. Examples for the preparation of input files of the problems with elastic, thermal, and piezoelastic properties are shown in Sect. 3.8.

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