Computerized rules-based regeneration method for conceptual design of mechanisms

Yu Xin Wang, Hong Sen Yan

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This paper presents a rules-based computerized symbolic carrier regeneration method for mechanical system conceptual design. In this method, design requirements of mechanical systems are expressed by regeneration rules which are composed mainly of symbols and logical codes; non-isomorphic graphs are chosen to be graphic carriers for symbolic carrier regeneration process; in each regeneration step, similarity identification needs to be done on symbolic carrier elements-links, so as to prevent redundant schemes. General design requirements can be expressed by simple Boolean calculation (AND, OR), relation calculation (adjacent, overlapping, topological relationship) and functional elements (concepts). Based on computer and object oriented encapsulation technology, the method can solve general conceptual design problems of mechanical systems. Designers need not know much about specialized knowledge and can fulfill design process of mechanical products.

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期刊Mechanism and Machine Theory
出版狀態Published - 2002 九月

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