Conditional diagnosability of alternating group networks under the PMC model

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Fault diagnosis of processors has played an essential role when evaluating the reliability of multiprocessor systems. In many novel multiprocessor systems, their diagnosability has been extensively explored. Conditional diagnosability is a useful measure for evaluating diagnosability by adding a further condition that all neighbors of every node in the system do not fail at the same time. In this paper, we study the conditional diagnosability of n-dimensional alternating group networks ANn under the PMC model, and obtain the results tc(AN4) = 5, and tc(ANn) = 6n − 17 for n ≥ 5. In addition, for the isomorphism property between ANn and Sn,k with k = n−2, namely (n, n − 2)-star graphs Sn,n−2, the above results can be extended to Sn,n−2, and we have tc(S4,2) = 5 and tc(Sn,n−2) = 6n − 17 for n ≥ 5. It is worth noting that the conditional diagnosability is about six times the degree of ANn and Sn,n−2, which is very different from general networks with a multiple of four.

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