Conductance of bilayer graphene nanoribbons with different widths

T. S. Li, Y. C. Huang, M. F. Lin, S. C. Chang

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The electronic and transport properties of bilayer graphene nanoribbons with different width are investigated theoretically by using the tight-binding model. The energy dispersion relations are found to exhibit significant dependence on the interlayer interactions and the geometry of the bilayer graphene nanoribbons. The energy gaps are oscillatory with the upper ribbon displacement. For all four types of bilayer graphene nanoribbons, the bandgaps touch the zero value and exhibit semiconductor-metal transitions. Variations in the electronic structures with the upper ribbon displacement will be reflected in the electrical and thermal conductance. The chemical-potential-dependent electrical and thermal conductances exhibit a stepwise increase and spike behavior. These conductances can be tuned by varying the upper ribbon displacement. The peak and trench structures of the conductance will be stretched out as the temperature rises. In addition, quantum conductance behavior in bilayer graphene nanoribbons can be observed experimentally at temperature below 10 K.

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期刊Philosophical Magazine
出版狀態Published - 2010 八月

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  • Condensed Matter Physics

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