Configuration synthesis of mechanisms with variable topologies

Hong-Sen Yan, Chen Hsiung Kang

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A mechanism with multiple topological structures during the operation process is called a mechanism with variable topologies (MVT) or is called a variable chain. The kinematic joints whose types and/or motion orientations are changeable during the operation process of an MVT are called the variable joints. According to the fundamental concepts, simplified unified graph, coordinate sequence, and mobility criterion at each stage, a design methodology is proposed for the configuration synthesis of MVTs. Fundamental synthesizing corollaries are established first. The concept of the simplified unified graph that represents topological changes in an MVT is used to address the configurations of MVTs. A type of one step push-button stopper locks is used as illustrative examples.

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期刊Mechanism and Machine Theory
出版狀態Published - 2009 五月 1


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