Conjunctival geographic ulcer: An overlooked sign of herpes simplex virus infection

Jia-Horung Hung, Chang Yao Chu, Chaw Ning Lee, Chao-Kai Hsu, Yu-Yun Lee, Jen-Ren Wang, Kung-Chao Chang, Fu-Chin Huang

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Herpes simplex virus (HSV) ocular infection causes significant visual burden worldwide. Despite the fact that dendritic or geographic corneal ulcers are typical findings in HSV epithelial keratitis, conjunctival ulcer as a sign of HSV infection has rarely been reported. Although easily overlooked, this important sign could be enhanced by fluorescein staining. We report two cases of conjunctival geographic ulcers proven to be HSV infection by viral isolation and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). One patient had bilateral disease and blepharitis, and the other had unilateral involvement without skin lesions. With timely diagnosis and proper management, excellent visual outcome can be expected.

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期刊Journal of Clinical Virology
出版狀態Published - 2015 三月 1

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  • Virology
  • Infectious Diseases

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