Contact problems of two dissimilar anisotropic elastic bodies

Chyanbin Hwu, C. W. Fan

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In this paper, a two-dimensional contact problem of two dissimilar anisotropic elasticbodies is studied. The shapes of the boundaries of these two elastic bodies have beenassumed to be approximately straight, but the contact region is not necessary to besmall and the contact surface can be nonsmooth. Base upon these assumptions, threedifferent boundary conditions are considered and solved. They are: the contact inthe presence of friction, the contact in the absence of friction, and the contact incomplete adhesion. By applying the Stroh’s formalism for anisotropic elasticity andthe method of analytical continuation for complex function manipulation, generalsolutions satisfying these different boundary conditions are obtained in analyticalforms. When one of the elastic bodies is rigid and the boundary shape of the otherelastic body is considered to be fiat, the reduced solutions can be proved to beidentical to those presented in the literature for the problems of rigid punches indentinginto (or sliding along) the anisotropic elastic half plane. For the purpose ofillustration, examples are also given when the shapes of the boundaries of the elasticbodies are approximated by the parabolic curves.

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期刊Journal of Applied Mechanics, Transactions ASME
出版狀態Published - 1998 九月

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