Contour-based window extraction algorithm for bare printed circuit board inspection

Shih Yuan Huang, Chi Wu Mao, Kuo Sheng Cheng

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Pattern extraction is an indispensable step in bare printed circuit board (PCB) inspection and plays an important role in automatic inspection system design. A good approach for pattern definition and extraction will make the following PCB diagnosis easy and efficient. The window-based technique has great potential in PCB patterns extraction due to its simplicity. The conventional window-based pattern extraction methods, such as Small Seeds Window Extraction method (SSWE) and Large Seeds Window Extraction method (LSWE), have the problems of losing some useful copper traces and splitting slanted-lines into too many small similar windows. These methods introduce the difficulty and computation intensive in automatic inspection. In this paper, a novel method called Contour Based Window Extraction (CBWE) algorithm is proposed for improvement. In comparison with both SSWE and LSWE methods, the CBWE algorithm has several advantages in application. Firstly, all traces can be segmented and enclosed by a valid window. Secondly, the type of the entire horizontal or vertical line of copper trace is preserved. Thirdly, the number of the valid windows is less than that extracted by SSWE and LSWE. From the experimental results, the proposed CBWE algorithm is demonstrated to be very effective in basic pattern extraction from bare PCB image analysis.

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期刊IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems
出版狀態Published - 2005 12月

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