Contribution of Axial Arm Rotation to Humeral Head Translation

Eiji Itoi, Neil E. Motzkin, Bernard F. Morrey, Kai Nan An

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The contribution of axial arm rotation to translation of the humeral head with the arm in the hanging position was examined using nine fresh-frozen cadaveric shoulders. Three standard clinical tests were simulated: anterior and posterior translation and sulcus tests. In both the anterior translation and sulcus tests, anterior and infe rior displacements were significantly restricted in inter nal rotation but not in neutral and external rotation. In the posterior translation test, no significant differences in displacement could be observed in internal, neutral, or external rotation. Since anterior and inferior translations of the humeral head were significantly affected by the rotation of the arm, we recommend that the anterior translation and sulcus tests be performed in various rotations.

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期刊American Journal of Sports Medicine
出版狀態Published - 1994 7月

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  • 骨科和運動醫學
  • 物理治療、運動療法和康復


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