Contributions of Road Dust Resuspension to the Airborne Particle Concentrations in Taipei

Jiun Horng Tsai, Yee Un Wu

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The high concentrations of airborne particles have been one of the main air pollution problems in Taipei, Taiwan. In this study, the possible sources of airborne particles were investigated using concentration profile and chemical composition. The vertical concentration profile of TSP was measured at 1.5 m, 11 m, and 38 m above ground. The concentrations of TSP at 1.5 m above ground are always greater than 300 µg/m3 and even up to 1230 µg/m3, while those at 11 m above ground are only half of these values. The concentrations at 38 m above ground are only about half of those at 11 m above ground. Similar concentration profiles are found for Mg, Ca, Pb, Fe, and Zn measured and the enrichment factors with respect to the composition of road dust are generally less than 3. Therefore, there is a net upward flux of airborne particles from ground. The net upward fluxes are estimated to be about 100 ton/yr/km1 from the vertical concentrations profiles and particle size distributions. The particle resuspension rates due to wind flow from a Teflon filter were also determined at the same time. The resuspension rates of particles by wind were found to be on the order of 10−6 to 10−5 sec−1. These particle resuspension fluxes are much smaller than those calculated by concentration profile. Other mechanisms, e.g. traffic-induced resuspension, are needed to be included in further study.

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期刊Particulate Science and Technology
出版狀態Published - 1995

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