Control component development of information appliances on networks

Po Cheng Huang, Kuan Rong Lee, Wei Tsung Su, Yau Hwang Kuo, Mong Fong Horng, Chien Chou Lin, Yu Chang Chen

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In this paper, an Information Appliance Control Platform (IACP) is presented. In this platform, users monitor and control appliances through a network-connected mobile device at home, even on the Internet. This platform is effectively built by the technologies of agent, embedded system, networking, database and serial communication. Three subsystems developed in this platform are User Interface Subsystem (UIS), Gateway subsystem (GS) and Information Appliance Network Subsystem (IANS). To efficiently set up an effective software process, a CMMI-style process management and a CVS (Concurrent Version System) are adopted to support the software process. Based on the flow of requirement analysis, specification definition, design, implementation, integration, validation, and verification, team members can transparently co-work in each stage. The results indicate that not only the control components can support a new digital living style, but also such a develop paradigm demonstrates a successful software process and improve the efficiency and effectiveness.

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期刊Journal of Information Science and Engineering
出版狀態Published - 2006 7月 1

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