Controller design of multiinput multioutput time-delay large-scale system

Chia Wei Lin, Tzuu Hseng S. Li, Chung Cheng Chen

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The paper presents a novel feedback linearization controller of nonlinear multiinput multioutput time-delay large-scale systems to obtain both the tracking and almost disturbance decoupling (ADD) performances. The significant contribution of this paper is to build up a control law such that the overall closed-loop system is stable for given initial condition and bounded tracking trajectory with the input-to-state-stability characteristic and almost disturbance decoupling performance. We have simulated the two-inverted-pendulum system coupled by a spring for networked control systems which has been used as a test bed for the study of decentralized control of large-scale systems.

期刊Abstract and Applied Analysis
出版狀態Published - 2013 十月 21

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