Co2Y-NiCuZn ferrite composites for high frequency applications

Chi Shiung Hsi, Ruei Lin Lin, Hsing I. Hsiang

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It is very important and urgent to develop a magnetic material that has a higher initial permeability and quality factor above 200-300 MHz for use in making high frequency inductors. This study produced a Co2Y-NiCuZn ferrite composite with high permeability by coating NiCuZn ferrites onto the surface of Co2Y ferrites using a heterogeneous nucleation process. The NiCuZn ferrites addition effects on the densification behavior, micro-structure and magnetic property of Co2Y-NiCuZn ferrite compositeswere investigated. A NiCuZn ferrites coating onto the surface of Co2Y ferrites can effectively enhance the densification and improve the magnetic property of Co2Y ferrites. Co2Y-NiCuZn ferrite composites sintered at 1200° show a sintered density of 5.34g/cm3, high initial permeability of 4 and quality factor above 30 in the 300-600 MHz frequency, which can be used in inductors for high frequency applications.

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期刊Chinese Journal of Physics
出版狀態Published - 2012 12月

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