Creating a platform to bridge service and research for early psychosis

Chen Chung Liu, Hai Gwo Hwu, Yen Nan Chiu, Meng Chuan Lai, Huai Hsuan Tseng

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Early identification of subjects at risk of developing psychosis is the key to early intervention. A prospective study on the psychopathological progress from prodromal state to full-blown psychosis was initiated in Taiwan in 2006. However, the clinical entity of our interests is ill-defined; therefore, recruitment of at risk subjects to participate in studies requires innovation. In November 2006, the study team launched a special clinic for cognitive and perceptual disturbance. In the first year, 142 subjects, mostly aged 16-30 year olds, made an appointment for this special clinic. More than 20 tentative diagnoses were made. Seventy-six subjects with a gradient of clinical severity were eligible for enrollment, and 68 gave informed consent to participate in the research. It seems that setting up a special clinic to provide a service for at risk subjects, combined with certain campaigns, could facilitate their engagement in a longitudinal prospective study for early psychosis.

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期刊Journal of the Formosan Medical Association
出版狀態Published - 2010 七月

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