Creating and Steering Highly Directional Electron Beams in Graphene

Ming Hao Liu, Cosimo Gorini, Klaus Richter

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We put forward a concept to create highly collimated, nondispersive electron beams in pseudorelativistic Dirac materials such as graphene or topological insulator surfaces. Combining negative refraction and Klein collimation at a parabolic pn junction, the proposed lens generates beams, as narrow as the focal length, that stay focused over scales of several microns and can be steered by a magnetic field without losing collimation. We demonstrate the lens capabilities by applying it to two paradigmatic settings of graphene electron optics: We propose a setup for observing high-resolution angle-dependent Klein tunneling, and, exploiting the intimate quantum-to-classical correspondence of these focused electron waves, we consider high-fidelity transverse magnetic focusing accompanied by simulations for current mapping through scanning gate microscopy. Our proposal opens up new perspectives for next-generation graphene electron optics experiments.

期刊Physical review letters
出版狀態Published - 2017 2月 8

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