Creative entrepreneurs' guanxi networks and success: Information and resource

Ming Huei Chen, Yu Yu Chang, Chia Yu Lee

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Chinese entrepreneurs cultivate and mobilize their guanxi networks to acquire information and resources for new ventures. Entrepreneurs in creative industries tend to suffer from especially high failure rates, but prior research pays little attention to understand whether or not creative entrepreneurs' guanxi networks help overcome obstacles in entrepreneurial activities. Through testing a sample of 293 creative entrepreneurs, this study examines the impact of entrepreneurs' four types of guanxi networks, namely family ties, business ties, community ties, and government ties. The findings reveal that guanxi networks indeed influence entrepreneurial success through the mediating effects of information accessibility and resource availability. Specifically, findings suggest that family ties, business ties, and community ties improve information accessibility, whereas family ties and government ties enhance resource availability.

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期刊Journal of Business Research
出版狀態Published - 2015 四月 1

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